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"All you say is nonsense", "Only entropy comes easy", "Be back on Wednesday" - yellow stickers or Post-it notes are handy indeed. Do you miss them on the Facebook time line? Ink Poster can convert typed in quote to the realistic looking samples of the human handwriting using random style or mimicking a predefined one. Synthesized text is put on the digital version of the familiar post-it note which can be shared or downloaded as any other image. Naturally, produced handwriting will differ in legibility. The neatness of the pen trace can be tuned to obtain more readable samples. Press Submit several times to generate more samples of the cursive handwriting for the same message.

P.S.: small letters and short phrases work best



Ink Poster is using probabilistic methods to generate handwriting as explained in this paper. Through Share as Image functionality post-it notes produced by Ink Poster can be embedded to the Facebook time line.

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All images generated by Ink Poster are anonymous. They can be viewed by anyone but can not be traced back to author unless shared on Facebook. When shared on Facebook image is published as private content initially.